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Everything we do is digital and it has forever changed the way we connect with the world and each other. One click and we’re part of a voluminous community of like minds uniting in ways that impact human interaction on a local, governmental and global level. We connect in real time, with direct, peer-to-peer communications in a way never before possible. In a time when organizations are defined by communities of enthusiasts, voices of detractors and influential voices both on-and offline, we harness the power of digital and social strategy, compelling content creation & distribution, great design and continuous measurement to build movements.

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MWW and PRNews Discuss How Blogs Are Emerging as New Release Platform

A New Leadership Imperative: A Social CEO

Every day, new studies arise making the case for social CEOs — and the benefits to employees, shareholders, customers and influencers. At a time when most of the planet is online, your company — and its reputation — cannot afford to be left behind.

MWW is “Stronger Than the Storm”

After Superstorm Sandy hit the coast of New Jersey in October 2012, would tourists and vacationers know that the Jersey Shore was open for business the following summer? They would, thanks to MWW. See how we made it happen:

Proving NJ is Stronger Than the Storm

After Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey in October 2012 causing massive destruction the stakes were high. MWW was able to replace the images of destruction from Superstorm Sandy with equally iconic images of recovery. With all of this completed in just over three months we proved that New Jersey is undeniably Stronger Than The Storm.

MWW Capabilities

McDonald’s Tackles the Super Bowl in New York City

Best Practices in Executing a Real-Time Marketing Campaign


Can the right branded content strategy across your social media platforms drive your bottom line?  Join us at Social Media Week as we dive into everything you need to know about “Creating an Adaptive Branded Content Strategy” to generate business - and brand – results.

EVP Ephraim Cohen Moderates “Second Thursday”

Join MWW EVP Ephraim Cohen as he moderates the upcoming “Second Thursday” event hosted by Crossroads Venture Group.  Joined by Jason Young, CEO of Crisp Media; Joseph Jaffe, CEO of Evol8tion; and Stephen Bradley, CEO of AuthorBee, the panel will explore “Key Trends and Investment Opportunities in Digital Media, AdTech, and Branding.”

Using Social Media to Drive Financial PR in 2014

Real-Time Marketing Panel on 10/27/13

How do you make the most of those real-time, trending moments, while staying true to your brand? Join MWW EVPs Alissa Blate and Ephraim Cohen as they take a deeper dive into “How Brands Successfully Culture-Jack the Big Moments” at PRSA’s International Conference. This panel took place October 27, 2013 at 3pm EST.

MWW Shines at the Bulldog Stars of PR Awards!

Guns, Coffee and Social Media: Howard Schultz’s Deft Execution of His Open Letter

MWW Has Won Eight American Business Awards!

MWW @ Social Media Week

Join Entrepreneur and TV personality, Bill Rancic, and MWW VP, Digital Strategy, Tim Baker at Social Media Week in Chicago for their session on Using Social Tools to Inform Strategies hosted by Hillshire Brands Company. Register today!

Meet the feature that confirms Facebook is a public network


Smartphones are shifting from a screen that complements PCs (and tablets) to the main online activity screen. As a result, we must now shift our design, content and communications strategies to ones that see mobile as a first and engagement and, sometimes, only screen for engagement.

Tell Brand Stories With Video, Pinterest & Instagram

Your online audiences want and expect great visual content. Join MWW VP, Tim Baker, at PR News' Next Practices Annual Conference in San Francisco and learn how to make the leap to visual storytelling for your brand using video, Twitter's Vine app, Pinterest and Instagram.

Try This App: Circa Allows You to Follow, Not Just Read, the News

How Restaurants can Leverage Social Media

NRA panelists Alissa Blate and Tim Baker share best practices for incorporating popular digital platforms into communication plans.

Five Secrets to Restaurant Social Media Success Featuring VP Tim Baker

Local Store Marketing in a Digital World by EVP Alissa Blate

Digital Update: Twitter’s New Keyword Targeting Ad Feature is a #BigDeal

Brands have been marketing themselves through Twitter with the “Promotional Tweet” option for quite some time, but now there’s an alternative. Twitter added a new feature to their advertising service that shifts the focus from broad demographic targeting to keywords.

How to Use Twitter's New Video Service Vine to Boost Engagement With Your Brand

Join MWW VP, Tim Baker, on April 30th to get the early best practices on how you can thrive within Vine’s 6-second time limitation and affordably produce the kind of content that is most likely to be shared by mobile Twitter users— video.

MWW @ The Conference Board

Join EVP Ephraim Cohen and C-level executives from IBM, Virgin Atlantic, Diageo, Verizon Wireless and more at the Customer Experience Leadership Conference where they will share insights and strategies on "How Digital is Changing the Customer Experience".

MWW EVP Ephraim Cohen to speak at the PR News PR Writing Boot Camp

Join us in Washington, DC on May 14th for a one-day immersion in the craft of effective PR writing.

Twitter’s Vine: Constraint Now Inspires Video Creativity

Brands are now owned by the social consumer.

Are news sites going to lose to their great partner? The social network?

Tumblr Beats Facebook? Yes, Maybe, No

The Benefits of a Social CEO

Take a deeper dive into our research and analysis and download our most recent infographic, “The Benefits of a Social CEO”.

Brands Go Visual

As brands put together their marketing budgets for 2013, now is the time to ensure visual content is an integrated part of the overall marketing strategy. There are a few common ways visuals can build relevance and transform passive audiences into brand advocates and, in some cases, an extended sales force.

Nikon: The Chase

We created “The Chase”, an interactive digital scavenger hunt with Ashton Kutcher, to promote Nikon at SXSW ’11.

MWW Wins At PR News and Bulldog Awards!

Jimmy Dean Launches No Kid Hungry Initiative at BlogHer ‘11

We had a goal of reaching 500 pledges during the three-day BlogHer conference to drive awareness of Jimmy Dean’s new CSR partnership with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign.

North Jersey companies ramp up social media efforts”, Jared Hendler (featured), July 12, 2012 – Record

Facebook Timeline Launch for Brand Pages

While Facebook's Timeline layout will provide a new user experience for your brand’s Facebook fans, the purpose of the social media platform remains the same: Engagement.

When it comes to employees and social media, the ruling is new, but the rules remain the same

MWW Named Finalist in the Social Media Icon Awards!

MWW Named Finalist in the Golden Bridge Awards and the PR News’ Digital PR Awards!

How Google+ Just Plus-Sized Organic Search

In a move that should surprise no one, Google announced that it will start integrating data from Google+ into its organic search results. The move appears to be the latest attempt from the search giant to increase the popularity and relevance of its social network.

Digital Mom's Report

We know moms are among the most coveted consumer groups for their spending prowess, their influence in household decisions, and their brand loyalty. But what do we know about moms and their digital habits?

Is the Web's Interest in Pinterest Right for Your Brand?

Pinterest is the hottest social network since Twitter.  It’s the fastest site ever to break the 10 million unique visitors mark, and it's driving more referral traffic to retailers than Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube. This raises the question–is it time for your brand to hop on board?

Steering Social for Subaru

To introduce the 2012 Subaru Impreza we secured a print and online partnership with Lucky Magazine.

Nikon Small Moments

MWW & Nikon created the Nikon 1 "Small Moments are Huge" Gallery, an online photo gallery on Facebook designed to increase online engagement and generate excitement and buzz around the Nikon 1 product line.

Launching the VW GTI Exclusively Online

MWW was engaged to create national buzz and increase consideration amongst car buyers, around the launch of the Volkswagen GTI.

2013 predictions lists that are actually insightful…

Digital Moms Aren’t Created Equal

Based on a survey of more than 1,000 moms, we’ve learned that “digital” moms aren’t created equal when it comes to what they’re doing online and what kinds of technologies they prefer.

Johnson & Johnson’s UPLIV™ program

Strategically introducing a new stress-management solution to the medical community and selected media prior to the program’s launch.

Messaging: Smartphone VS. Tablet-Based Video Viewing

In February 2012, we surveyed more than 1,100 U.S. consumers.  Our objective: determine the words and images most strongly associated with watching mobile videos on each device.

Facebook Launches “Collections” for Businesses

In a move to reboot the F-commerce platform, Facebook has introduced a new retail feature – “Want” and “Collect” buttons.

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