Corporate Communications

Reputation. It takes years to build, and you can lose it in an instant. At a time when information is moving at light speed, the importance of reputation is second only to the importance of understanding how to gain it, maintain it, manage it and protect it. Whether they’re looking to promote philanthropic initiatives, develop crisis contingency plans, establish thought leadership around a set of issues, strengthen their relationships in government or across their industry, or reposition their brands, our clients turn to us because we are experts at creating programs that deliver the best possible view of who they are and what they do.

For more information, please contact: Carreen Winters Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications

Planning for Change: CEO Transitions

CEO transitions are often challenging for a company, but how they are executed can have serious consequences for a brand. With a strategic process in place, you set the company up for sustained growth and competitiveness.

MWW Wins Campaign of the Year at the 2014 SABRE Awards


Passaic River Restoration Initiative

Student Access Student Choice Coalition

MWW and PRNews Discuss How Blogs Are Emerging as New Release Platform

Building a Leading Reputation for an Innovative Retailer

Guiding An Airline’s Reputation to a Safe Landing

Transforming A Niche Music Mogul Into A Cultural And Entreprenuerial Leader

GM’s CEO Mary Barra Smartly Sticks with Strategy of Transparency in Congressional Hearing

A New Leadership Imperative: A Social CEO

Every day, new studies arise making the case for social CEOs — and the benefits to employees, shareholders, customers and influencers. At a time when most of the planet is online, your company — and its reputation — cannot afford to be left behind.

Crisis Communications

Our counselors possess an extraordinary range and depth of crisis communications expertise – from contingency planning, crisis response training and onsite support for clients in the midst of incidents, to managing the aftermath of crises and the restoration of trust and reputations.

A Crisis Communicator's Guide to Employee Communications

Does your crisis protocol include interaction with your employees to give them the appropriate context that will help them form an educated opinion? Or are they among the many constituent groups left wondering what a crisis might mean?

The Art of Communications: When To Be Quiet

MWW is “Stronger Than the Storm”

After Superstorm Sandy hit the coast of New Jersey in October 2012, would tourists and vacationers know that the Jersey Shore was open for business the following summer? They would, thanks to MWW. See how we made it happen:

Proving NJ is Stronger Than the Storm

After Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey in October 2012 causing massive destruction the stakes were high. MWW was able to replace the images of destruction from Superstorm Sandy with equally iconic images of recovery. With all of this completed in just over three months we proved that New Jersey is undeniably Stronger Than The Storm.

Planning Ahead: Aging and the LGBT Community

From Hotels to Healthcare – It’s All About Reputation

MWW Capabilities

M&A Communications

MWW brings more than two decades of expertise in navigating the complex communications challenges for the M&A environment, through all cycles of the capital markets.

How We Matter More

Announcing our 2012-2013 Corporate Citizenship Report, an overview of the great work being done by our firm, our employees and our clients in the communities we serve.

How Law & PR Can Work Together

Josh Zeitz, MWW deputy practice director of corporate reputation management, shares insights with “Law 360”on how law and PR worked hand-in-hand in a high-profile Army court martial.

Law Firm Support

Legal Crisis Communications

Speechwriting Expertise

“The Worst Carpenter This Side Of The Mississippi”: Your Reputational Rights In Flux

What happens when the media misconstrues details about a high-profile event? We take a deep dive into the Michael Skakel/Nancy Grace case to find out.

2014 State of the Union Address

What had the Twitterverse abuzz during the President's speech last night? What had it tuning out? Check out our infographic to find out what mattered most to people.

Will the Super Bowl Be A Reputation Win For New Jersey?

Using Social Media to Drive Financial PR in 2014

Lululemon’s Founder Leaves Reputation Mess for New CEO

When holiday cheer causes a crisis: Can philanthropy be a bad thing?

Can a CEO opt-out of earnings calls?

Reputations Take Hits Amid The Government Shutdown

Will a new CEO be able to make Lemonade out of Lululemon?

Tesla CEO’s Transparency Rebounds Tanking Stocks

Yahoo’s Logo Redesign as Brand Reputation Tactic

MWW Wins Gold for PR Agency of the Year!

MWW Shines at the Bulldog Stars of PR Awards!

Guns, Coffee and Social Media: Howard Schultz’s Deft Execution of His Open Letter

Twitter IPO confidence in Tweets

MWW Has Won Eight American Business Awards!

MWW SVP Shannon Eis Shows Off the Hottest Summer Toys on Letterman

CEOs Getting Social, Albeit Slowly

The power and influence of social media is undeniable. It has risen to be the No. 1 activity on the Internet (I’ll let you figure out what it overtook…). There are now over 1 billion users on Facebook. If it were a country, it would be the world’s third largest.

Establishing Thought Leadership In A Cluttered Space

Executing a Successful High-Profile Spin-Off in a Challenging Market

The best career advice I ever got from a CEO

Bringing Four Brands Together With One Story, One Voice

Saving An Online Retailer’s Reputation After An Attack From Activists

Twit on Twitter

Stronger Than The Storm:
Chalk Art


Stronger Than The Storm:
Surf's Up


Winning the Reputation War: 5 Things Nike Knows (and Does) That Your Company Doesn’t

Rating S&P’s Words

R U Kidding Me? Why A Moment of Inaction Can Destroy Years of Building Your Brand

Forget Lean In. How about women try Leaning On…Each Other?

When it comes to building your reputation in social media, relevance beats size

MWW @ The Conference Board

Join EVP Ephraim Cohen and C-level executives from IBM, Virgin Atlantic, Diageo, Verizon Wireless and more at the Customer Experience Leadership Conference where they will share insights and strategies on "How Digital is Changing the Customer Experience".

Nike Suspends Deal with Pistorius: Smart Move, or Reputation Stunt?

Elevating a Trusted Banking Thought Leader in an Scrutinized Industry

MWW helps ConnectOne Bank create brand awareness.

Papal Transition Power: Leadership Lessons of the Vatican

The Real Winner of the Super Bowl…Owned and Earned Media?

Is time, not money, the currency of employee engagement, motivation and satisfaction?

The Fiscal Cliff – Some Companies are Softening the Blow for Dividend Investors

Brands are now owned by the social consumer.

Elevating a Trusted Banking Thought Leader in an Otherwise Scrutinized Industry

We developed brand awareness and differentiated North Jersey Community Bank’s philosophy, services and executive team from other community and national banks.

The Benefits of a Social CEO

Take a deeper dive into our research and analysis and download our most recent infographic, “The Benefits of a Social CEO”.

2012’s Reputation Winners

MWW Crisis Communications Expert Josh Zeitz Discusses Murdoch’s Strategy on CNN International.

“Socializing the C-Suite: Stop the Excuses, Start the Engagement”, Carreen Winters, July 26, 2012 – Social Media Week Blog

MWW Wins At PR News and Bulldog Awards!

MWW Wins Big at PR News’ PR People Awards!

MWW Snags Silver and Shortlisted for Gold in the 2013 SABRE Awards.

Securing Coverage for McKenna Long & Aldridge

Since 2007, MWW has represented McKenna Long & Aldridge, with responsibility for all national media relations efforts on behalf of the firm in general as well as for attorneys in the firm’s East Coast offices.

Generating Awareness for DeCotiis, FitzPatrick & Cole

For many years, MWW has served as crisis counsel for this prominent New Jersey law firm.

Establishing Frontier Airlines as a Brand Leader

In an effort to boost market share in their hub cities and focus markets, Frontier Airlines joined hands with MWW to increase consumer awareness.

When it comes to employees and social media, the ruling is new, but the rules remain the same

From Employee Communications to Workforce Engagement

In today’s environment, the need to engage and activate employees is paramount. In order to achieve the necessary and desired business outcomes, companies must move from the static, one-way message delivery that has traditionally driven the practice of Employee Communications to a more dynamic form of communication: Employee Engagement.

Wherever and Whenever Connecting With Your Mobile Workforce

With the evolution of the virtual work place and employees no longer bound to their desks, companies must now find new methods of communicating with a more globalized workforce.

MWW Rocks at the 2012 PRWeek Awards!

Building Relevance and Driving Results for Trade Associations

“A Beginner's Guide to Socializing Your CEO in Three Easy Steps”, Carreen Winters, July 23, 2012 – O’Dwyer’s

Can forgetting about shareholder value actually create shareholder value?

N.J. Firms Prepped on Going Global", featuring MWW COO, David Herrick, October 12, 2012 - The Record

MWW Awarded Nine Bulldog Stars of PR Awards!

“Media Training Techniques and Trends”, Leslie Linton (featured), August 22, 2012 – PR Newser

Reputation Matters: the MWW Manifesto

Hard to define, easy to lose. Reputation is everything. It’s the difference between sale and no sale, the right hire and an empty office. It’s the difference between creating a legacy – or disappearing in a puff of smoke. You either have it or you don’t – and you can lose it in an instant.

Restructuring Capabilities

Restructuring in court or outside of the Chapter 11 process is a complex event in which everything you say and do matters. The stakes are high and you need a trusted and tested team on your side. The senior professionals in our Restructuring Communications practice have more than 80 years of combined experience and a proven track record of success.

Sustainable Leadership

A CEO is ultimately responsible for the growth of a company as evidenced by its financial performance, its capacity for self-renewal, and its character. The only way you can measure character is by reputation.

Establishing a Market Leader's Position

Firmly establish Adecco's leaders as an indispensable quote sources for the monthly Department of Labor national and regional job reports.

Reputation Fail! Who could have made it, but missed the opportunity?

MWW Wins Six Big Apple Awards!

Steering the Conversation to Saving Money on the Biggest Spending Day of the Year

To ensure Americans stayed on this newfound course of saving MWW & ING DIRECT created a savings promotion to go head-to-head with the enticing consumer online buzz of holiday sales.

Beyond the Presidency: Will CEOs Be “Campaigning” for their Jobs?

Insights from EVP Careen Winters and our Corporate Communications Team.

Legal Communications Experience

Our extensive legal communications experience ranges from providing public relations activities and counsel to law firms to working with law firms and their clients regarding bankruptcy/restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, litigation support and a myriad of crisis issues.

Carreen Winters Shares Why Armstrong’s Foundation May Benefit from Doping Allegations

Our own EVP Carreen Winters shares her thoughts with the New York Post on why Livestrong may benefit from Lance Armstrong’s fight against doping allegations.

Media Training Tips from Leslie Linton

Leslie Linton, SVP, offers readers media training techniques and trends on PRNewser.

Exploring the Connections Between Corporate Culture and Reputation

Discover our proprietary insights into why companies' internal corporate culture plays a critical role in driving their external reputation.

Josh Zeitz, MWW's Deputy Practice Director, Fact Checks 'Lincoln'

MWW Takes Home Three W³ Awards!

Positioning Baker & Hostetler Among America's Elite Firms

MWW elevated the profile of the firm's top attorneys and key practice areas coast-to-coast.

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