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As America shifts from a "Healthcare for the Sick" model to a true “Well-being Society,” MWW fuels the way in partnership with our health and well-being clients. MWW is at the forefront of shaping new approaches and behaviors for a range of clients, from hospital systems and health management to those specializing in health technologies, fitness and food. Leading our clients to a new future and healthier world is what matters most to us.

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Registered dietitian Sarah Lewis has joined MWW as manager of nutritional communications in the firm’s consumer practice.

Positioning the Arc Trainer as an Effective Workout Tool

MWW was tasked to bring awareness to one of Cybex’s unique pieces of fitness equipment: The Arc Trainer. Via targeted media pitches, and leveraging Cybex's partnership with celebrity star, Stacy Keibler, MWW garnered over 87 million media impressions and more for the innovative fitness machine.

Helping McDonald’s dispel myths around nutrition in the Tri-State Area

McDonald's New York Metro Nutrition Network Launch: Driving Grassroots Community Education and Awareness

Raising Awareness for ASTMH

As a result of combined efforts, ASTMH 58th Annual Meeting generated over 835 million media impressions.

Helping Healthways Make Headlines

MWW developed a communications platform with a clear mission and vision to connect Healthways’ overall brand promise with its associated brands.

Helping AAPD "Get it Done in Year One"

Our team created a program to educate parents and drive home the importance of infant dental care.

Johnson & Johnson’s UPLIV™ program

Strategically introducing a new stress-management solution to the medical community and selected media prior to the program’s launch.

Launching "The New Atkins for a New You Cookbook"

We supported Atkins Nutritionals with the launch of their new cookbook, showcasing the diet as achievable, healthy and balanced.

Establishing Fruit2O as a Health Brand with Consumers Nationwide

MWW was asked to elevate Fuite2O into a must-have brand, worth seeking out and enjoying every day.

Developing Outreach Strategies for the Pycnogenol Jetlag Study

MWW’s program and media highlights have foster increased consumer awareness, interest and sales growth for Pycnogenol®

Crumbling the Cookie’s Unhealthy Reputation

MWW succeeded in making RD Foods and its cookie a national story upon their launch.

Gaining Flax Lignan Leadership

Acatris connected with MWW to pursue a mission of gaining flax lignan category leadership.

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