Research / Insights

Are you relevant? We can tell you. Insights and analytics drive each of our client programs, and we measure success through a range of approaches. Our proprietary methodology, NetRelevance, goes beyond the traditional metrics of reach, sentiment and exposure to understand how content and individuals fuel the dialogue that ultimately contributes to the outcomes that matter most to your business: a purchase of your product, recommendation of your brand, or long-term engagement of key stakeholders who determine your success.

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MWW Capabilities

Bringing Four Brands Together With One Story, One Voice

The Fiscal Cliff – Some Companies are Softening the Blow for Dividend Investors

Are news sites going to lose to their great partner? The social network?

The Benefits of a Social CEO

Take a deeper dive into our research and analysis and download our most recent infographic, “The Benefits of a Social CEO”.

Samsung's Breaking Newsroom: All Samsung, All the Time

We developed a technology for providing reporters and with bloggers the Samsung news they demand in a fast, constantly updated, easy-to-access environment.

Brands in Transition

Public Relations carries the greatest impact when it is folded into a larger plan that integrates a well-defined brand message across all marketing and communications activities. This holds particularly true for brands in transition.

Digital Mom's Report

We know moms are among the most coveted consumer groups for their spending prowess, their influence in household decisions, and their brand loyalty. But what do we know about moms and their digital habits?

Exploring the Connections Between Corporate Culture and Reputation

Discover our proprietary insights into why companies' internal corporate culture plays a critical role in driving their external reputation.

Messaging: Smartphone VS. Tablet-Based Video Viewing

In February 2012, we surveyed more than 1,100 U.S. consumers.  Our objective: determine the words and images most strongly associated with watching mobile videos on each device.