Retail / Ecommerce

Across all practice areas, MWW has a deep understanding of the retail market and a unique understanding of consumer purchasing trends and habits. We appreciate that the retail experience must resonate with and respond to consumer lifestyle needs. We don’t wait for new products, seasonal windows and other announcements to generate news…we create the news. Our solid relationships with consumer and trade reporters offer our clients an edge to drive consumer traffic, purchasing, and brand loyalty throughout the year.

Will a new CEO be able to make Lemonade out of Lululemon?

When holiday cheer causes a crisis: Can philanthropy be a bad thing?

Lululemon’s Founder Leaves Reputation Mess for New CEO

Alison Cox Joins Mww As Vice President, Enterprise Technology

Cause Marketing

MWW SVP Shannon Eis Shows Off the Hottest Summer Toys on Letterman

Building a Leading Reputation for an Innovative Retailer

Saving An Online Retailer’s Reputation After An Attack From Activists


Smartphones are shifting from a screen that complements PCs (and tablets) to the main online activity screen. As a result, we must now shift our design, content and communications strategies to ones that see mobile as a first and engagement and, sometimes, only screen for engagement.

Zippo: “Made in the U.S.A.” – 500 Million Zippos & Counting

Launching the VW GTI Exclusively Online

MWW was engaged to create national buzz and increase consideration amongst car buyers, around the launch of the Volkswagen GTI.

Launching ALDI's Low-Cost Premium Skincare Line in the U.S.

MWW Takes Home Three W³ Awards!

Securing a picture-perfect launch

Our team created a picture perfect launch for web-based photo editing software Picnik.

Johnson & Johnson’s UPLIV™ program

Strategically introducing a new stress-management solution to the medical community and selected media prior to the program’s launch.

Business as Usual at Boscov's Despite Chapter 11 Filing

Our team ensured Boscov's clear, consistent communication with all of its audiences during their restructuring process.

Could LBS Bring Traditional Retailers Back to Life?

Times have been tough for brick-and-mortar (BAM) retail locations over the last few decades. However, location-based service campaigns enable BAM brands to directly engage consumers within location-specific areas, encourage patronage and increase positive brand perception and recognition like never before.

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