Millennials & Spirits: Influencing the Path to Discovery

Millennial Marketing: Best Practices

Marketing to Millennials does not have to feel like an abstract concept. In fact, brand stories are the emotional glue that connects spirits brands to Millennial consumers because compelling narratives appeal to Millennials’ desire to be “in the know” and also motivate them to share their discoveries.

MMWPR’s millennial marketing research report, “MILLENNIALS & SPIRITS: INFLUENCING THE PATH TO DISCOVERY,” explores the emotional triggers of influence as it relates to Millennials and the spirits industry.

In fact, the youngest Millennials come of legal drinking age in 2016, making this generation the most coveted group targeted by today’s beer, wine and spirits brands. Given their proclivity for discovery and their preference for craft, MWWPR’s research report highlights why it’s critical that spirits brands be wired into the emotional triggers and trust factors that drive Millennials to trial — and then inspire them to become advocates for their labels.

Influencer marketing and earned media ranked highest when it came to Millennials advocating on behalf of a brand via their social channels. Millennials are protective of their online brands and require this third-party permission to discuss and endorse their spirits of choice. The earned hit is no longer the end result — it’s now the credibility spark that ideally ignites an integrated social push across trusted channels and among influencers.

– JP Schuerman, President of MWWPR’s Western Region

Marketing to Millennials: Spirits 101

  • 90 percent of Millennials get excited when they discover a new liquor brand
  • 66 percent of Millennials tell their close friends when they discover a new liquor brand
  • 31 percent of Millennials share on social media after discovering a new liquor brand


About the Research 

MWWPR conducted an online survey among 1,000+ Millennials ages 21-34 in the top 20 DMAS who drink liquor 3+ times per month. In addition to the survey, MWWPR also conducted focus groups with bartenders, bloggers and other relevant influencers in top Urban DMAs including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver and San Francisco.

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