Long known as the leader in low carb eating, Atkins set out to change its reputation and challenge the misperceptions about the diet. Low-carbohydrate diets have been the subject of much heated debate in medical circles for years, and Atkins was no exception. MWWPR was charged with repositioning Atkins as a safe, effective and sustainable approach to eating.


MWWPR built a 360 campaign to successfully improve favorability and commentary around the brand, while extinguishing the negative halo that encompassed Atkins. There were several initiatives including a comprehensive key influencer strategy to educate stakeholders about the diet; introduction of Atkins 40, a new entry point to Atkins; and pushing the discussion about the health benefits of low-carb eating backed by science and why it should be acknowledged in the 2015 US Dietary Guidelines.


MWWPR helped Atkins set the record straight and successfully strengthened the brand’s reputation, driving improved perceptions that Atkins is simple, flexible and effective, and ultimately growing the number of Atkins users. Overall, MWWPR drove nearly a 10 percent increase in positive brand mentions and decreased negative tonality toward Atkins in media coverage by 54 percent and neutral tonality by 48 percent.