Shockingly, the majority of pet safety products claim they are “crash tested” or designed for “crash protection, ” yet no industry standards or regulations required to substantiate these claims. With more than 69 percent of Subaru customers having at least one pet and studies showing that the majority of pet owners travel with their pets, the brand recognized it needed to educate customers and make traveling with pets safer.


MWWPR and Subaru set out to increase accountability in the overlooked, yet vitally important pet product industry and encourage the creation of safety and performance standards to help save the lives of both pets and their owners. A study was commissioned with the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) and shocking crash test footage was released through a strategic media relations effort to pull at the heartstrings of consumers and cause an outcry from pet parents.


The campaign was a resounding success, earning outstanding media coverage, generating positive brand engagement via social media and making a tangible impact on the entire pet products industry. The initiative received prominent coverage within major media outlets and on social channels resulting in more than 826.5 million impressions. Most importantly, five manufacturers of pet products (some of which failed crash testing) contacted CPS to ensure their future products are safer and earn CPS certification.