Is It Time to Stop Talking About Millennials in the Workplace?

By | February 11, 2015

Every day, we are inundated with news articles, infographicsand studies about Millennials in the workplace, and the challenges of managing them.  Millennials are lazy, entitled, disloyal…or a contrarian view that Millennials are more career-driven, more qualified and in some way better than any generation entering the workforce.

Funny, I’ve heard that narrative about the disenfranchised, difficult and lazy generation once before – it was about Generation X – for whom Wynona Ryder in Reality Bitesserved as the poster child.  I know because I am (technically) a member of Generation X.  But none of those labels applied to me, or anyone I knew or worked with.  We were all working late every night, for low pay; frustrated that our bosses didn’t understand us; interested in being mentored, and in building careers. It was hard to find a job, we were discouraged that we had expensive educations and couldn’t find a job.   Sound familiar?

As careers are stretching longer, the reality is that the multigenerational workforce is here to stay.  Each generation that enters the workforce brings their own life experiences and expectations to the table.  Being an effective multigenerational leader is one of the greatest challenges in business today.

Generation Z is upon us.  Maybe it’s time we stopped talking about Millennials in the workplace, and started focusing on multigenerational management instead.

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