PR and the Power of the CorpSumer

By | July 19, 2017

Corpsumer InfographicCorpSumers are a powerful and growing segment of consumers that place shared values at the center of their decision-making. They cross all ages, geographies and demographics and they care more about corporate reputation than the actual features and benefits of the products.

Their attitudes and beliefs about company reputation are so strong that they drive behavior. They’re willing to pay a premium for brands that share their values and look to your actions to determine not only the products they buy, but the companies they invest in, do business with and work for.

Part advocate and part objector, their influence is profound. CorpSumers love deeply and hate with vitality, going beyond brand loyalty to amplify and evangelize your message. They’ll stick with you despite any missteps along the way, but they will keep you on your toes – they are quick to broadcast their support for a company, and equally quick to share a negative point of view. And they don’t just take you at face value.

CorpSumers are proactive about learning about the companies they support, and they value authenticity. And here is the kicker – they use news media as a primary source of information for learning about companies. And not just top tier, national media. They rely heavily on their local media as a trusted source of information.

We also know that in the post-truth world, all people make decisions on emotion more than fact. This means that shared values are powerful currency with Corpsumer and provides a powerful prescription for companies who seek their loyalty and advocacy.

Tell your company story, utilizing “real people” in the news media. 52 percent of Corpsumers consume news compared to 45 percent of the rest of the population, and they share that news about Companies they are supporting, and broadcasting that support to their networks through their social channels.

So, when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of Corpsumers, pay no attention to the conversation about fake news or alternate facts. News media isn’t dead. Not even close.


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