Reputation Bracketology: JPMorgan Chase vs. Carnival Cruise Lines

By | April 1, 2014

Continuing in our matchups for Reputation Bracketology, today’s pair: JPMorgan Chase vs. Carnival Cruise Lines – both companies on the reputation bubble.

JPMorgan Chase: JPMorgan Chase is scrappy. Most people would count out any company that paid a $13 billion fineto the Department of Justice. But this is a situation where the “strength of schedule” matters – and since financial institutions are among the most hated, least trusted organizations on the planet, being less hated than Bank of America may help JPMorgan Chase pull out a win. The company’s game strategy is transparency and accountability – owning its problems and defining the path forward. However, as executive pay continues to dominate discussion,Jamie Dimon’s 74 percent pay raise could plague the company if they advance to the further rounds.

Carnival Cruise Lines: Carnival Cruise Lines is like the Rocky of Reputation Bracketology. The company keeps taking punches, but keeps getting back up. A weak “conference” with everything from fires on board, to widespread illness to passengers falling overboard on cruise liners keeps Carnival on its heels. However, it has managed to work towards winning back customers without massive reductions in price – so I wouldn’t count them out just yet. This one might go to the buzzer.

Winner: JPMorgan Chase, but not by much. The customer base for cruises has more options, and a recessionary environment has them coming into the “tournament” in less than optimal condition. When swabbing the poop deck becomes literal, it’s tough to rally. Despite some setbacks involving executive pay and ill-conceived holiday cards, JP Morgan Chase may be peaking at the right time.

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