Last week, the MWWPR London team took a trip to Waterloo’s IMAX cinema to see Bladerunner 2049. It’s safe to say we enjoyed the film, albeit with a bit of silly behaviour and one member of staff spilling a large popcorn over the lady sitting in front of him.

But, the futuristic film got me thinking. What with all the holograms, humanlike robots and voice activated tech – what does 2049 look like for brands?

Voice technology is a topic we are seeing continually in the trade media, as big brands like Apple and Amazon are introducing voice into their products more and more. Now, we have Alexa in our homes with the ability to order our food shopping and create mood lighting. And voice activated assistants will only continue to grow, opening up greater opportunity for brands to connect with consumers.

As for holographic advertising, we’re already there. Brands such as Samsung and Intel are using holograms to advertise their products and it’s only a matter of time before this transforms out of home with giant, moving products which will allow brands to truly show-off.

And it doesn’t stop there. Artificial intelligence is set to be a huge part of our lives, from robots, driverless cars, even the technology behind the apps on our phones. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and it’s an exciting time for brands as there is vast opportunity to develop products and reach consumers. Could we see humanlike, branded robots in 2049 just like Bladerunner? That’s one we’ll have to wait and see.

By Lucy Figiel, Senior Account Executive, MWWPR