Diversity in the workplace is a serious issue within the UK right now. A lack of BAME candidates in particular is something which the PR industry should take into account – and ultimately address. Within the PR industry, there are fewer organisations better than The Taylor Bennett Foundation to address this issue. The Taylor Bennett Foundation’s award-winning work-based PR training programme exists to encourage BAME graduates to pursue a career in communications.

Here at MWW London we offered up our time and commitment to support this issue, hosting a Taylor Bennett Foundation session at our offices in Soho with six of their candidates. It was a two-way learning process, with some key issues discussed:

  •  The need to get younger talent is real – The Taylor Bennett Foundation candidates have all taken a variety of PR placements since graduating and are still in their early 20’s. The PR landscape is evolving and there are times when clients need younger minds to help guide them on their approach to target individuals and customers of a similar age. Younger PR professionals can ultimately have a bigger say in strategic direction, not just tactical implementation for their clients
  • Graduates should try and be clear on the sector which interests them – We had an interesting conversation with the candidates around  which sector they most wish to work within. MWW offers consumer, technology, corporate and media and to have an understanding of which sector you wish to specialise in can give you focus. This helps the candidate and also the potential employer to see your ambition to specilalise, and become an expert in a given field
  • Teamwork is an integral skill to achieve PR success – During the session we hosted, the Taylor Bennett Foundation candidates were split into two teams and given briefs to respond to. This was to test them to see if they brainstormed together, shared workload, presented as a team and collaborated effectively. MWW believe in people and how working together is the true driver to making clients matter more to the audiences that matter to them
  • Be inquisitive and ask questions – The Taylor Bennett Foundation candidates were great examples of PR professionals who showed an interest and asked questions. They met a raft of the MWW London Account Executives and were not afraid to ask questions about their favorite and also their least favourite tasks. Questions help graduates acquire knowledge and PR firms should foster an environment to allow for this
  • The need for diverse talent is also very real – With more and more of the population in the UK comprising of different ethnicities, it is key to recruit these types of individuals to help represent and communicate efficiently with these groups. For this reason, the Taylor Bennett Foundation candidates have huge appeal and coupled with the knowledge and an enthusiasm for the industry, it will not be long before we see many BAME candidates represent boards of well-established communications firms.

The session was a great way for us to get to know these candidates and their capabilities, and as such, we will be putting a selection of them forward as candidates for an internship with MWW London.

For more information on MWW London and if you would like to apply for an internship to work here, then please email kmather@mww.com or telephone 020 7046 6080.