Barefoot Wine introduced its boxed wine—Barefoot on Tap—to an already crowded market and needed to quickly and dramatically differentiate its product among consumers. MWWPR conducted a brand lift study and leveraged assets from influencer and PR efforts, and employed a mix of custom and existing YouTube audiences to identify the perfect On Tap customer, tapping into Traditionalists, fans of Mindy Kaling, practitioners of JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out) and explorers of new products.

In less than two months, Barefoot on Tap racked up nearly 12 million views and significant lifts scores in all brand metrics—all at way above industry benchmarks! Barefoot launched On Tap with 12 million+ total completed video views, and an average cost per view of just $.017, far below the industry average of $.045. The brand hit top marks in brand awareness, product consideration and purchase intent metrics, supplanting brands that had been in the market for years, and outperformed competitors with a 70% lift in ad recall.