Today’s Rolling Crisis Culture Requires An Integrated Approach To Crisis Communications

Since 2017, my firm has advocated for a change in how we view and manage communications. Yesterday’s silos no longer exist. Today, the lines between consumer, business marketing communications, issues management and brand purpose are gone. All consumers are now “CorpSumersTM,” who base decisions on purpose and relevance, advocating with passion or criticizing with equal fervor. 

Why The Social CEO Is Essential To Every Company’s Survival

A New York Times analysis of American internet usage during the Covid-19 pandemic shows a dramatic increase in social media consumption – exceeding even the increase in entertainment streaming via platforms like Netflix and YouTube. It’s clear that, during a time when in-person social interaction is extremely limited, online social activity is filling a deep void.

The MWWPR Commitment

We stand in solidarity with the black community and take a firm stance against racial injustice. We—as an organization and as individuals—can and must do more. We do not by any means have all the answers but are dedicated to developing a plan to move forward. What we can share is that we know the issue of race is complicated and the response must be thoughtful, long-term and sustainable. We acknowledge that there is much we all still must learn, and we pledge to put initiatives in place that will help our people listen more, educate themselves, and act.

Five PR Considerations To Prepare For The Post-Pandemic Economy

As corporate America and the global community begin to emerge from weeks to months under quarantine, brands and consumers face a marketplace that bears little resemblance to our pre-pandemic world. Pockets of the U.S. are gradually lifting restrictions, and while citizens are navigating new daily routines, marketers are left to navigate the permanent implications for their brands.

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