Crisis Response + Management

Like any crisis, COVID-19 has turned our world upside-down, but the rules of protecting and preserving corporate reputation still apply. Uncertainty about what will come next is not a reason to stay silent. Frequent, consistent and transparent communications with all stakeholders is imperative. Now is not the time to hypothesize; decisions based on real-time information and analytics must inform communications strategy. Actions taken now will have long-term reverberations on business and reputation.

  • Predictive Analysis: By leveraging technology at the forefront of predictive analytics, we can anticipate how issues surrounding COVID-19 will drive news coverage and social media commentary within minutes of the first stories or posts. Our goal is to enable clients to quantify media impact, determine which stories are important to you now, monitor emerging trending topics, and analyze long-term audience trends to predict what issues may rise to the top.
  • Rapid Reputation Response: From alerting appropriate government agencies of business disruptions, responding to employee and client fears and managing media onslaughts of employees testing postive, to challenging viral social media rumors, implementing litigation support strategies or building long term reputation management programs, MWWPR provides the full slate of effective, rapid response services no matter what challenges COVID-19 presents.

Employee + Stakeholder Communications

Understanding the entire stakeholder ecosystem in this environment has never been more crucial. All audiences – from employees, clients and the public, to shareholders and surrounding communities – are looking for guidance, and companies cannot segment audiences with separate messaging. Our Total Stakeholder Approach™ is helping organizations of all sizes and industries stay connected to their audiences with creative content solutions that communicate important information while being mindful of the challenges of social distancing.

  • Virtual Video Production: With just a smartphone and an executive, our crisis + content teams are working in unison to produce high-quality, meaningful video messaging with no camera crew needed. We’ll work with you to develop talking points or a full script for executives to address top-of-mind issues and solutions, then edit raw footage to quickly and efficiently turnaround a final polished product for internal or external usage.


Right now, executive leaders have a unique responsibility and privilege to lead. Information about COVID-19 coming from employers is seen as more credible than information being provided by governments and mainstream media. From conferences and town hall meetings to what gets covered on the world stage, thought leadership opportunities have completely changed. In the “all Coronavirus, all the time” news environment, we are helping bring leaders’ voices andplatforms to reach stakeholders where they are today … online.

Legislative + Regulatory Tracking

MWWPR is leveraging connections at the state and national government level to monitor regulatory and rule-making that will impact business of all sizes and industries. New administrative orders and legislation are guiding what employers can and cannot do – from termination timeframes to compensation and benefits packages, these differ from standing protocols since they guide action during “times of state emergencies”.

  • Essential Business Designation: As states move toward mandated social distancing, they’ve mandated the closure of businesses and organizations, defining only a narrow list of operations that can remain open under a designation of “essential services”. Whether you’re an essential business who has not yet been cleared as such, or you now have unutilized business space that can be repurposed for testing centers, we can help.