Data is always a hot topic at Ad Week and this year was no different. In particular our client, global analytics tech company Media iQ, drilled down to the nitty gritty for panel discussions around data in planning, cookies and business transformation. As experts in the field, they made for interesting sessions. Here are the highlights:


Planning in the programmatic age

A key issue that was raised around planning was a worrying lack of talent. Creativity vs. tech created a heated debate on what really matters to brands and agencies. Technology is the key to unlocking insight and it requires skills and training. Creativity, however, is something that cannot be taught. It comes naturally to the lucky few but it’s the combination of this flare and deciphering data that media planning is missing.


Moving beyond the cookie

Cookies used to be gold dust to advertisers, but we’re now far beyond this in terms of data. Insights can give advertisers a clear and streamline view of audiences, so they are able to target them in the real-time. Not only this, but data is slowly enabling brands to target specific emotions or even attitudes. We are far beyond the cookie and it’s an exciting time to be a part of the industry.


Connected data for business transformation

Much like the above, data is changing the media landscape, but it’s how brand and companies use it that really matters. Many businesses are undergoing a digital transformation as we become an increasingly digitally driven world with high demands and expectations. To successfully transform a business, data should be combined to connect the dots and fill the gaps of the consumer journey to truly maximise on any campaign.