Over the past few weeks here at MWWPR, I have been interviewing a number of wonderful candidates for a variety of junior roles, from internships to Senior Account Executives.

With over 10 years in the PR game, there are often moments where I lose sight of what I enjoy most about the industry and the day-to-day work which comes with it. Being on the hiring side of the fence certainly reminds you of the wonderful reasons people are inspired to get into PR in the first place. Coupled with the recent Bell-Pottinger South Africa scandal, and the way it has almost acted as a brush to tarnish the industry with, I thought I would remind myself, and tell you lot, what I really love about the PR industry and encourage more people to (hopefully) think the same:

You meet a diverse range of people…

…from all different backgrounds, and who you get an opportunity to communicate with. There are some really interesting people in our field – from journalists to clients and partners of a company. In this way, you can develop your network, which is priceless not only in business, but also in life.

No day is the same

For someone who enjoys a variety of experiences, Public Relations is certainly an industry for you. There are unique opportunities to write, sell-in stories to journalists, manage social media channels on behalf of clients and so much more. All depending on client needs, these types of activities could be a priority one day, and be put on the back burner the next. No day will be the same, and you certainly won’t clock watch.

The opportunity to travel

Getting paid to travel is a genuine possibility in PR. Clients who need support with events abroad or might need to be introduced to media in the area, could do with your support on-the-ground. Or, as with our agency MWWPR, there are opportunities to travel and collaborate with our US colleagues, working closely with those in our New York or San Francisco offices. You won’t be chained to your desk in the PR industry.

Being amongst the first

You could be privileged enough to learn about future trends and new products before anyone else does. As a PR consultant, people need to trust you with information under embargo, so that you can be prepped to communicate this information to stakeholders when the time is right. Discretion is key here and it is important to understand how PR is dual purpose. This essentially means – be good at keeping secrets whilst also being competent at communicating a story to people at the same time!

It is a team game

PR doesn’t work in silo. It touches departments across organisations, as well as outside audiences. PR pros collaborate with departments such as marketing, sales and product teams, along with the C-suite. More than this, colleagues in PR are vital in order to help sense-check ideas, proof write material and join in on hitting the phones to reach out to journalists. There is no ‘I’ in team when it comes to PR.

If you also think that you might love PR, then we are still looking to hire at internship and Account Executive/Senior Account Executive levels. Please do e-mail kmather@mww.com should you be interested in applying.

Kedesh Mather, Senior Account Director