Advertising Week Europe was lucky enough to be treated to an entertaining interview with the great Chris Eubank on Tuesday, thanks to Primesight and its MD Matt Teeman.
So, in addition to a ‘how-to-box’ refresher, what can we take in terms of how to make an impression?
“What you don’t embrace ends up slapping you in the face”
Wise words, and certainly something the media and advertising industry needs to consider. Be that changing media consumption habits or the dominance of social media, ignore at your peril.
Authenticity is key
Chris talked about how in the early stages of his career the public didn’t believe he was being genuine, but as marketers know all too well, this belief in authenticity is vital to a brand’s success. If consumers don’t believe in the brand, there will be no engagement, no loyalty and ultimately, no business.
Nobody is an original
News flash: everybody is insecure! Chris talked about how he took the best from people or characters he admired and used it as inspiration in his life and career, saying that the people who make a difference are those willing to take a risk even though they are afraid. We talk about innovation all the time in media, but credit should be given to those who really put themselves out there to try something new (I’m looking at you, The New European).
Have humility and manners
Chris was very clear about the difference between a show off and a showman – the former being about ego and the latter for the benefit of entertaining the public. He cited the importance of emotional intelligence for being able to read those around you and ensure you have the correct attitude for the job in hand. Something we can all take note of in our day-to-day.


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