In order to discover which brand was the most successful in driving positive engagement on social media throughout Love Island 2018, we conducted research which tracked brands performance to see which brand mattered most. Introducing this year’s winner: Missguided.


Our Matter More Index ranked 12 brands associated with the show based on how their respective social posts performed in terms of reach, virality, passion, engagement, share-of-voice and sentiment. Official clothing partner Missguided topped the charts with over 36,000 Love Island related mentions on Instagram and Facebook, securing the brand 34% of the overall share-of-voice.


Coming in at a close second was Primark, which scored highly on virality, passion and sentiment, and in third Jet2, the low-cost airline brand and official travel partner for this year’s show. Despite securing a high volume of mentions, Love Island clothing partners Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing ranked eighth and ninth respectively due to the frequent negative sentiment attached to their posts.

Due to high levels of engagement with the show, winning the brand battle was down to a few key factors. Firstly, speed is of the essence and Primark and Missguided hit the nail on the head by pushing out content in almost real time to become part of the trending conversations online and offline and drive engagement.


Then there is the use of ambassadors, often contestants or ex-contestants. We latch onto contestants from an emotional perspective, so people are likely to actively seek and engage with content that is tied to them. Brands who tapped into this saw higher rates of engagement around branded content.


Finally, there are competitions and incentives. This mechanic always drives high positive sentiment and engagement as it’s often as effortless as retweeting or posting a branded hashtag. Aside from clothing brands, Jet2 and its travel offers are perfect for the show; encouraging viewers to fly off to a sunny island to find love.

Please find background on each of the top three performing brands’ social strategy, detail on specific posts that drove conversation and the final league table below:


  1. Missguided

This year Missguided has been crowned the top Love Island brand based on its strong social media game. On the opening night, ex-Love Island contestant Olivia Buck drove a spike in Missguided’s social activity with her Instagram post around the show and her swimsuit with the hashtag #islandstyle.


The highest peak of the series was when islander Zara Mcdermott left the villa, leaving love interest Adam behind. Missguided used this opportunity to engage in posts featuring comical GIFS about the drama. The brand also used rejected islanders to promote the clothing, including Kendall Rae Knight who left the series early on.


For the series, the clothing brand saw 36,495 total mentions and 35,304 posts across its social platforms.


  1. Primark

Primark succeeded in driving conversation around its Love Island merchandise and clothing range throughout the show, with a mostly (90%) positive sentiment. Early contestant Niall’s fascination with Harry Potter drove a series of viral posts suggesting that tee shirts bearing #philosophersstoneandchill was to be Primark’s next offering. The most popular post was Primark’s promotion of its Love Island PJ set which is emblazoned with the slogan ‘PJs on, #LoveIsland on, world OFF’.


  1. Jet2

While Jet2 might not have won the prize for its number of Love Island posts and mentions, the brand had successful engagement across its social platforms with its holiday and live final tickets competition. During the first few weeks of the show, Jet2 brought onboard Zara McDermott, Adam Collard and Samira Mighty to build excitement amongst Love Island fans to get involved with the competition. The most popular post was Zara’s, securing over 116,000 engagements and over 115,000 likes.


Missguided 3 10 9 3 4 8 37
Primark 2 10 10 2 1 10 35
Jet2 1 10 10 1 1 10 33
Superdrug 2 10 8 2 1 8 31
Rimmel London 1 7 10 1 1 10 30
Lucozade Zero 1 7 10 1 1 9 29
Ministry of Sound 1 10 8 1 1 6 27
Boohoo 3 10 4 2 5 1 25
Pretty Little Thing 1 10 10 2 1 1 25
Echo Falls 1 1 10 1 1 10 24
Kelloggs 1 2 10 1 1 8 23
H&M 1 7 1 1 1 3 14