The world's largest kosher certification agency had significant domain age authority, a wealth of informative content created by subject matter experts and a brand that is one of the world's leading Jewish organizations, but was experiencing low web traffic and search rankings, therefore limiting kosher application submissions. MWWPR began with a technical SEO site audit, SEM audit, competitor analysis and keyword research.

From cleaning up onsite technical issues, adding schema markup, combining, restructuring and optimizing content onsite and offsite including creating Wikipedia and Wikidata pages we improved existing rankings, gained additional industry search term presence and drove significant additional organic traffic to key business pages leading to an increase in application form submissions. On the paid side, restructuring and rebuilding campaigns, rewriting ads and optimized targeting of additional geographic locations led to an increase in paid conversions in existing and new regions; all of which resulted in a 392% increase in search presence, 170% increase in organic traffic, 14% increase in organic form leads, and 49% increase in paid conversions.