Over the last seven weeks the nation has been captivated by the antics of the couples on Love Island. I was one of the few people in my team that did not get swept up by the daily highs and lows of the drama taking place in the sun-soaked villa.

I did however  watch the last episode and where the winner Kem gallantly shared half of his winnings with his now girlfriend Amber. So I thought, here’s finally an example of where true love can actually happen on reality TV – Kem chose love over money. That’s where I was wrong – the very next day, I read an article highlighting that the stars of the show were making lots of money through sponsored posts on Instagram. Some were even charging over a thousand pounds a picture. So while £50,000 is a lot of money, it is nowhere close to the amount Kem and other participants could (and have) earned through social media after the show.

The cast of Love Island are not the only ones cashing in on this. Research done by HopperHQ analysed the 1.2 million posts scheduled through the platform and compiled the first ever Instagram “rich list”. They claim Selena Gomez earns around £424,000 per post and Kim Kardashian earns around £385,000 per post. In contrast, British blogger Zoella reportedly earns around £10,800 per post. This is a very lucrative and popular way for individuals to make money. And when done right, brands can reap the benefits.

But how do brands pick ambassadors from the vast array of celebrities, reality TV stars and musicians that are willing to endorse their products? How do they decide on who would represent their brand and its values the best? Do they just pick someone who is hot now or do they pick someone whose celebrity status is evergreen?

At MWWPR we always tell clients to start with a simple set of questions – what are you trying to achieve with this endorsement? Are you looking for reach or are you looking to influence a niche audience? Are you looking for someone to simple put up a pretty picture of your product or actually test it? These are just some of the questions that brands need to ask themselves.

If you are currently looking to find the right influencer for your brand, feel free to get in touch at anair@mww.com – we are more than happy to help.