Just over a year ago we were briefed with supporting the launch of The New European, the national newspaper launched in a record nine days for the ‘48% who voted Remain’.

It was not originally created as a permanent proposition but it has just published its 52nd edition and is going from strength to strength.   

So over the last year (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) what have we learnt from launching a national newspaper?

Stay on message

Part of The New European’s success was down to finding and catering content to a specific audience. Matt Kelly, The New European’s Editor, and the team at Archant spotted a gap in the market following the results of the EU Referendum in June 2016. Its strong following and ever-growing audience have continued to buy the paper because the focus hasn’t changed since launch. Whilst content will of course continue to adapt to audience demand and doesn’t just cover Brexit, The New European has stayed on message and its offering has been clear to audiences across Europe.

Brand building is a long-term strategy

Whilst we are hugely pleased to have worked on the launch of a national newspaper that is still relevant and popular a year on, there is still an education job to be done. One thing we always try and remember is that even if internally it feels like we are communicating the same messages over and over, externally those messages could be reaching your audience only for the first or second time. Brand building is a long-term strategy and the right PR and marketing plan should be thought out to ensure your audience knows who you are and what you stand for. The New European is still a new paper when you compare it to the rest of the UK national newspaper market, and we’re looking forward to working on what comes next!

Be brave

The New European defied the odds and launched a newspaper in a challenging marketplace but has also gained traction for its provocative front covers. Not only was it unique in its offering but it was brave in every aspect – launch, content and contributors. Controversial issues have included an exclusive with Tony Blair and a front cover of Trump depicted as Hitler (you can view more here https://www.buzzfeed.com/patricksmith/how-anti-brexit-newspaper-the-new-european-became-an?utm_term=.ipVPEg64p#.fmjbXAExw). MWWPR loves to work with fearless clients and prides itself in the communications advice to complement that. Being brave of course doesn’t suit every brand but each PR should always try and remember to think outside the box occasionally and not be afraid to step on toes if what you are proposing is on brand and relevant to your client’s aims.

We’re proud to have worked with The New European over the last year and are excited to see what the next year brings!

Tim Youngman, Director of Marketing and Communications, Archant said: “PR has been a key part of The New European’s marketing strategy and contributed to the paper’s success over the last year. MMWPR has been there 24/7 for us and given strategic advice, creative ideas and always with a positive attitude! We’ve achieved great coverage over the last year and we could not have done it without their above and beyond efforts.”  

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