Building Eminence On Inclusion & Diversity in the Alcohol Industry

Building Eminence On Inclusion & Diversity in the Alcohol Industry

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Build a positive community presence and position Heineken management as DEI thought leaders in the beverage field and workforce.



  • Conducted gender diversity research to develop Heineken’s first corporate white paper, celebrating industry progress and exposing areas for improvement
  • Launched “Behind the Label” initiative with white paper’s release to spark conversations about inclusion
  • Designed all materials (logo, print, animation, and social content) to promote research findings
  • Secured conversations with key trade and business outlets for US CEO and other management leaders



  • Established Heineken’s DEI credibility with business media and key distribution and retail partners
  • Achieved placements in top-tier media including, but not limited to, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, NBC’s Know Your Value, Insider, and Bloomberg Radio
  • Received positive feedback from trade organizations such as Women of the Vine & Spirits and the National Beer Wholesalers’ Association
  • Earned commitments from Forbes and Beer Business Daily to participate in future Behind the Label events