As Long As There’s A Following, You Will Never Disappear

By | September 20, 2013


There are many that have been waiting for the fall of Apple for a long time now but its reputation as a game-changer and culture-driver is refusing to let the company go down.


Many thought Steve Jobs’ death would take the company away from its roots but the CEO is more reveled and associated with the company now than ever before.


Others thought when its bubble burst on Wall Street last year, after Apple stocked topped off at just over $700 before dropping nearly 40 percent thought it was the end. But just because its outlook to produce a profit was collapsing did not mean it would not continue to.


What was more revealing was last week’s announcement of the iPhone 5s and the bugs in its latest operating system which led some to question whether Apple’s role in product innovation was over and if its reputation during the Jobs years for a commitment to perfection is waining.


It is because of these reasons why today’s release of the iPhone 5s is being watched carefully because many investors, analysts, and consumers are down on Apple. But to the dismay of Apple-haters, here is today’s news – the Apple geeks are alive and well, lines are out the door of Apple stores for another launch, and between 5 and 7.75 million new iPhones are expected to be sold this weekend.


Apple’s culture has created a following of consumers who will only buy Apple products and need to get their hands on new products every time they are released. Despite the recent chinks in its armor, Apple’s reputation is continuing to carry the brand’s sales. So haters can continue to hope for Apple’s fall, but unless the company creates a scandal with horrendous backlash, even the serial complainers will keep driving the bottom line.

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