Politics & Corporate Communications: Rules of Engagement

By | February 3, 2017

With the White House flooding the zone, there is a new reputation topic worth talking about almost every day. I’ve been thinking about companies and their response to the immigration ban, and meaning to write about it, especially after spending a day at JFK volunteering with the #NoBanJFK legal team. Why did Starbucks win, and Uber lose over their participation in the conversation about the ban? How can companies be prepared for things like the LL Bean situation?  And what are the rules of engagement for companies and brands when the winds change direction from hour to hour?

Media is very interested in these topics, and you can see some of my views in this Marketwatch piece, or here in PRWeek, and in case you missed it, my MediaPost conversation.

While there are questions coming at a pace we’ve rarely seen, once thing is clear – the role of communications in increasingly important.  And in order to rise above the fray and be heard, companies and brands need to be clear on who they are, what they stand for, and where they have permission to participate.  There is a tremendous upside for those who get it right.

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