The Connection Between Happiness and Success

By | February 9, 2015

MWW recently held an annual leadership retreat – where we came together for two days to collaborate on priorities, define (and re-define) goals for our company and refresh relationships as a team.  We were fortunate to have support from some experts and facilitators who began with a very simple, but bold statement.  Happy people = happy outcomes/results.

Perhaps it is the power of suggestion, I’ve started to see this premise popping up everywhere since that day, and it seems to be a dominant theme coming from successful female leaders.  Like Ivanka Trump, who says that having a happy family life is the key to her business success, or Palo Alto Software’s CEO who argues that leaning in isn’t the key to success, happiness is.  The economics of happiness, which first caught my eye a few years ago at Davos, has become a “thing” attracting attention from esteemed organizations like the Brookings Institute, TED and HBR.  Cultivation of happiness as a leadership strategy has fawned books and white papers.  But is it a “girl thing”?

Do female leaders have the market cornered on the power of happiness over personal success, and an organization?  Or is it simply more acceptable for a female leader to talk about it?

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