As every PR knows, a great newshook is a brilliant asset to any PR campaign. This doesn’t just apply to PRs though, marketers that deliver timely ads will create even more engaging ads.

Last week, the UK (and the world) welcomed a brand new royal baby. Louis Arthur Charles, or by his full name His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge when he’s playing up, came into the world with as much fanfare and excitement as any baby in history has had (except maybe his older siblings).

Marketers didn’t skip a beat to ensure their brands were front and centre. Below are a few of my favourite newsjumps from brands getting in on the action.




But what can we learn from this as an industry?

  • Preparation and speed are key to ensure a brand’s message cuts through the noise.
  • Humour and word play are most certainly welcome!
  • Always try to ensure the message relates back to a brand’s own area or at least to its tone (i.e. in the instance of Innocent it just wants to be seen as fun and creative).

Brands are warming up for arguably the even bigger and more anticipated Royal event later this month, Meghan and Harry’s upcoming nuptials. I for one will be looking out for the best pun or word play.

Tom Broughton, Account Manager