With Bake Off making the big switch to Channel 4 this year, the nation waited with bated breath to see if the new series was going to be a high riser or a soggy bottom. Last week The Guardian revealed that Bake Off’s audience figures make it Channel 4’s biggest series since My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding with it generating an average of 6 million viewers a night. When it comes to TV, it really doesn’t get more British than sitting on the sofa watching people bake whilst sipping on a cuppa tea.

With its popularity showing no sign of falling, I look at what PR’s can learn from the success of the nation’s favourite Tuesday night TV fix, the Great British Bake Off.


Don’t over complicate your Bake

Rule number one: never over promise and under deliver.

Always set realistic expectations and don’t promise anything you can’t achieve. Paul and Prue will not be impressed by an under baked cake.

If Paul raises a silvery brow, the chances are you’ve probably got too much on your plate.


Always follow your recipe

Clients give you a brief for a reason. Stick to it.

Always make sure you understand the steps that need to be taken to achieve your end result.

If you don’t follow each step carefully, your end result may end up very differently to how the client envisioned.

And let’s be honest, no one wants a salty cake.


Variety is key

Contrary to belief, the Bake Off isn’t always about who can make the best cake. Each week brings a new challenge and requires different skill sets, so whether it may be bread or pastry, the bakers have got to be able to ace it all!

The same goes for PR. Everyday and every client is different, requiring us to remain versatile and always up for a challenge!


Not everything bakes at the same temperature

Start your day with a to do list and make sure you know what your priorities are.

Every task will require longer periods of time to complete.

Don’t leave something that needs 1 hour to bake until the end of the day and only give it 30 minutes… it won’t end well!


Prue likes it savoury, Paul likes it sweet

Not everything is to everyone’s taste.

When contacting journalists make sure you’ve done your research so you know the best way to grab their attention.

But also remember, just because one person doesn’t bite… it doesn’t mean someone else won’t!


No one likes a leaky bake

And finally… never leak your clients stories before you’re supposed to. Do not, I repeat, do not, do a Prue! #Prueyoudoughnut


By Leah Fullalove, Account Executive, MWWPR