Starting a career in PR?

Here are a few tips to get you started!

Organisation – I’m sure every job description will want you to tick this box but I can’t stress enough how important this is in PR. If you work for an agency like MWW PR you’ll probably be working on several accounts at once and you need to be able to chop and change between clients and priorities without getting confused or lost

Time management – managing your day effectively is something you will gradually get better at over time. Meeting deadlines and alerting your managers of when things might be pushed back are both skills you will learn quickly in PR

Your clients pay you to be trusted advisors – Talk this through with your manager first but if you don’t agree with what a client has recommended don’t be afraid to offer structured feedback. You aren’t being paid just to say ‘yes’

Every word matters – Every single word or sentence can be crucial in communications. Every possible interpretation has to be considered when you are writing Q&As on a subject, putting together a news release or working on a sensitive announcement

Take a step back and take your time – whilst we are normally frantic to meet deadlines and get out of work on time, it is also important to take time out to discuss opinions and ideas with your colleagues. It can often be more productive to have a break and talk it over rather than powering through

Enjoy what you do – If you are just starting out in PR, getting all the experience you can is great but what really matters is finding your passion in PR. It could be in sport, fashion, technology or media and you might not know until you are in it, but you want to be able to enjoy the sector you go in to

Gemma Mejer, Account Manager