I’ll be the first to admit it. I use the ‘C’ word rather flippantly and without remorse. Once November is here I think it’s a goer.

No I’m not a gutter mouth, I’m talking about Christmas.

I’m a total sucker for the consumerism that is the modern Christmas experience and the minute Halloween is over, the Virgo in me can’t wait to get stuck in. From making a gift list, a Christmas food list, a drinks list (yes, a drinks list) to sticking up the overly dressed tree and piling high the gifts, I love every bit of it.

Come November, brands will spend millions of ad pounds trying to convince you with the most sentimental messages how to spend your money during the festive period. And John Lewis in particular never fails to deliver exceptional creatives. Whether it’s a little boy and his penguin, a dog and his trampoline or in its latest vision a boy with the cute monster under the bed, admit it you’ve shed a tear.

The message in these ads are simple: be emotional, believe in the make believe and share. These elements are transferable to PR campaigns and if used, would garner great results.

Emotional campaigns connect the reader. It might sound difficult to make a high-tech B2B product seem emotional, but when you think of the end user experience and how your innovation can improve their lives, it can create a more emotional and compelling story.

Rather than the make believe, in PR terms, it’s important to believe in your product. If you want your customers to be loyal to your brand, you need to develop a campaign which not only resonates but emphasises the benefits to using your service or product and the prose that accompanies this message needs to be not only convincing but substantiated with facts to be believable.

Shareable PR content can really help maximise your reach. Think about your audience and what social platforms they’re likely to use. If it’s Instagram then think about images that can support your message, or if it’s LinkedIn, think of attention grabbing headlines to go with the post.

So, whether you fit into the Scrooge or cheerful elf category, in PR, Christmas should be every day!

By Devika Mistry, Account Director, MWWPR