Research has found the sales, media and marketing (60%) professions are the sector most chained to their desks during the working day. It’s no surprise then that a job in public relations is the eighth most stressful job in the UK, according to CareersCast.

So how do we tackle this? As someone who works out every morning before work, people often ask me, “How do you do it?” and maybe more frequently (and appropriately), “Are you mad?!” Maybe I am mad, but this is my, and many other peoples’ way of dealing with stress.

A lot of people are so focused on getting the job done that they do not realise the importance of being active and how this will actually help with career progression. If you focus on yourself, not only will it benefit your work/life balance, but also the company that you work for.

For me, I find working out in the morning is the best start to my day. I never was a morning person (and I definitely still enjoy a lie in at the weekend), but now I don’t think I’d function without my morning sweat! It also means you can enjoy yourself after work, or stay later in the office if that’s what you fancy…

Here are reasons why you should give it a try too and encourage your colleagues to join you:

  • Working out gives you energy

The endorphins you get from working out set you up perfectly for the working day. Not only are you going to be more energised and ready to tackle your to do list, but you will be happier to do so. This is not only going to benefit you, but all your colleagues. There’s nothing better than working with someone who is getting the job done, with a smile on their face. You’ll also find yourself drinking less coffee. Working out for 30 minutes will wake you up more effectively than a cup of coffee – break that coffee addiction and break a sweat instead!

  • Improved decision making

Morning exercise improves your concentration. Exercise helps improve the prioritising functions in the brain through eliciting endorphins. Your brain also remembers more when your body is active. This means you’ll hit deadlines earlier and will work more efficiently as a result.

  • Exercise clears your mind

After exercising, it is easier to work through issues as everything appears clearer. You will get a better sense of calm. In fact, starting your day with exercise has lasting benefits that can help you better manage emotions, think more strategically and remember things all day long.

  • You’ll feel good about yourself – and so you should!

You’ll enter the office with an extra skip in your step knowing you’ve already done your exercise quota for the day. You have received bragging rights and can indulge in that extra chocolate biscuit.


I don’t need to tell you that you should exercise, we all know that and there are enough studies to prove it. But working out after work is always difficult, there are so many distractions and commitments. So, drop the excuses, set your alarm half an hour earlier in the mornings and watch the benefits flood in!

Here at MWWPR we are big on ensuring employees wellbeing is top of the agenda and we are encouraged to have a good work/life balance. Within our company benefits, employees receive a yearly gym allowance, complimentary exercise classes and we are a part of the cycle2work scheme.

If you would like to hear more about working at MWWPR, please do get in touch!

Leah Fullalove, Account Executive