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The magic happens when they
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We believe in the power of reputation and our unique view of brands takes into consideration how a company acts and behaves in the world beyond its products and services. This is MikeWorldWide’s ecosystem approach to bring brand and reputation together and make people care more about you; we call it our “Corpsumer."

Corporate Reputation

Protect your company’s most valuable asset—its reputation. With stakes higher than ever and today’s stakeholders wielding more influence, companies need to speak fluently to both investors and consumers. With over 30 years of corporate reputation experience, our team delivers data-driven programs that build trust and strengthen relationships to protect your company’s image.

Brand Marketing

Consumers connect with brands that speak to their lives, loves, aspirations, and values. The more your company can connect to them on a personal level, the better. We harness the power of storytelling to deliver digital strategies, compelling content, and brand partnerships that make meaningful, lasting connections.

Public Affairs

Politics are polarizing. And the public affairs sector is becoming increasingly complex to navigate. Effective communication is what’s standing in the way of policy that is praised and poised for the future, and one that is set for crisis. Our professionals have worked at the highest levels of the executive branch, congress, and state and local governments to create lasting impacts despite the rapidly changing environment.


There’s no challenge too large and no industry too complex. Our public relations and communications professionals have expertise across numerous practices areas. With the ability to step into the shoes of both your executives and your customers, we customize strategies to help clients achieve their business goals.

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Social & Digital Strategy

Today’s consumers are digital natives and social creatures. While social media used to be an afterthought for most companies, it’s now the backbone of every campaign. We view social media and digital communications from a strategic, data-driven lens. By blending creative content with vital measurement tools, we help brands deliver better outcomes that meet core business objectives.

Influencer Marketing

Consumers trust people in their network, people they know and follow, and influencers are part of this network. We develop influencer campaigns that guide consumers through the entire buyer journey to produce lasting outcomes, not immediate outputs. No two influencers are the same, meaning neither should your approach. We tailor each strategy and work side-by-side with brand ambassadors to execute campaigns from start to finish.

Search Marketing

Staying at the top of minds means staying at the top of search results. Brands who harness the power of search algorithms can organically grow and shape their digital presence. Our team of search marketing specialists and content creators combine SEO, SEM, content optimization, and web development to increase traffic and deliver highly targeted search campaigns.

Research & Analytics

At the core of any impactful communication program is robust research, analytics, and measurement tools. Our team of naturally curious and strategic thinkers use rigor to uncover trends, analyze the competition, measure brand footprints, and determine what motivates stakeholder behavior to ensure campaigns produce results.

Paid Media

Paid media and earned media are companions, not competitors. With our trademarked, earned-worthy approach to paid media, we ensure that compelling (and valuable) content reaches and engages our clients’ target audiences to drive tangible ROI. Combined with our expert earned media efforts, we help turn customers into authentic brand advocates.

Creative Services

Creativity is the cornerstone of disruptive communication. Our team of visual storytellers ideate, visualize, create, and brand content that brings your company’s message to life. Whether it’s snackable gifs or full-length, documentary-style films, we challenge the norm and think outside comfort zones to forge ideas that make lasting connections.

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