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MWW is the technology communications partner of choice for software, systems, hardware, streaming, and virtual experience companies.
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We help companies communicate their solutions through strategic influence and the right relationships. Our experience includes SaaS, B2B, enterprise, cloud security, fintech, venture-backed start-ups, media, and consumer technology.
Our teams become immersed in your business to ensure we tell the right stories in the right places to create maximum ROI.

We represent cutting-edge tech brands from innovative SAAS technologies to venture-backed start-ups. We help communicate unique narratives so tech companies can connect to audiences on a human level and expand their reach.

The earned media chops for deep tech.

We tell differentiated stories that resonate with key audiences and decision-makers to help our clients accelerate their growth.

We help brands in transition.

For startups, pre-IPO, or legacy tech companies, a strong reputation is the difference between achieving its highest value or exiting a category on someone else’s terms.

Tech/B2B PR is One Connected Experience.

We reach audiences wherever they are; from news feeds and newsrooms to influencers and analysts through rich content storytelling.