MWWPR is one of the world’s leading independent integrated PR agencies with eight offices across the US and UK, and a global network of partners.

Consumer Marketing

Consumers want brands that are meaningful to their lives, loves, aspirations and values. We build brands through breakthrough insights, earned media, digital content and brand partnerships, delivering engagement strategies that make meaningful connections with those that matter most.

Corporate Reputation

The stakes have never been higher, and today’s stakeholders wield more influence than ever before. How a company is perceived impacts everything from consumer purchase and share price to recruiting. With 30+ years of experience, we deliver data-driven programs that build and protect a company’s most important asset – its reputation.

Internal and Employee Communications

The best marketing and PR starts on the inside, with your most valuable asset of all: your people. Especially in times of uncertainty, effective internal communications is so much more than a function of HR; it is an opportunity to keep employees connected, invested and inspired. In a time that information coming from employers is seen as more credible than information being provided by governments and mainstream media, corporate leaders are positioned with a unique responsibility and privilege. Whether it is navigating crisis situations and organizational change, rolling out strategic initiatives, or building and maintaining an authentic and modern culture, MWWPR’s team of experts employ the strategies that are creating brand advocates for national and global organizations of all sizes.

Issues and Crisis Management

When the stakes are highest, we’re at our best. It is more important than ever to be prepared with the tools and resources to manage the situation quickly and effectively to limit any potential damage to your brand and your reputation. And in this crisis-driven marketplace, there is no substitute for our experience, our pace and our integrated multi-stakeholder strategies. On call 24/7, senior crisis experts combine streamlined crisis planning, our proprietary Crisis Action Protocol (CAP), and advanced data and technology with critical media contacts, third-party advocates and other vital stakeholders.

Search Marketing

Our expert Search Interactions team uses a mix of services to help our clients achieve their goals through that marketing, with a focus on quick and profitable return on investment. This includes SEO, SEM, content optimization, web development, display and targeting.

Business to Business

Our team transforms the way clients communicate with their B2B audiences. With deep experience working across industries, MWWPR understands the nuances that drive a category, the intricacies of an organization, and the complexities our clients face each day. Fueled by the ability to synthesize and translate complex subject matter, we build a steady cadence of strategic and relevant communications.

Public Affairs

Our professionals have worked at the highest levels of the executive branch, congress, state and local government, and with the most important advocacy groups and NGO’s. They have a 360° view of how to impact issues in this rapidly changing environment, employing insight-driven strategies and decades of experience.

Creative & Content

Ideation. Visualization. Content Creation. Branding. Our disruptive thinking takes us from a creative strategy to full-on execution. From producing short format snackables and animated gifs to crafting social graphics, imagining a new brand identity and full-length documentary-style videos, our creative team has the talent and technique to bring what matters most to life.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our award-winning diversity and inclusion practice helps clients embrace, celebrate and reach diverse consumers. With an experienced and accomplished D & I team, we work with clients to innovate and expand their reach into influential segments that include LGBTQ, Women and Communities of Color.


MWWPR is a team of fearless tech enthusiasts who understand the industry and the forces that drive it. Our team blends strategy and specialty in B2B and B2C tech including enterprise, consumer, fin-tech, ed-tech, health-teach and security-tech, to name a few. We represent change agents, disruptors, and challenger brands with integrated data-driven strategies.

Insights & Analytics

MWWPR’s team of integrated research, analytics and measurement pros is the foundation of our approach to building impactful communications programs. We are a team of naturally curious, passionate strategic thinkers who take a rigorous approach to uncovering and understanding relevant cultural and category trends, the competitive landscape, brand footprint and what motivates stakeholder behavior. We use real-time measurement to track success and ensure our work drives outcomes not just outputs.

Sports & Entertainment

With decades of experience supporting sponsorships on a collegiate, professional and international level, our approach brings brands to life through content-driven, social and live experiences. We have assisted brands, artists, athletes, leagues and governing bodies in driving viewership, engagement and increasing the value of their partnerships on the world’s stage, at track, in-stadium and away from the field of play.


Every story begins in the same place: with a big idea, a grand vision and a promise to add value. No matter the industry, today’s leading organizations have one thing in common, they’ve invested in a strong corporate or brand story. Our proprietary StoryCore™ brand narrative process helps clients write the best version of their story, whether they’re talking to Wall Street or Main Street.

Social and Digital

Social channel ecosystems. Paid media. Influencer marketing. These are not just table-stakes for us because we are digital natives and social creatures. Our data-led approach to digital communications and social media is at the very core of what we do. It bolsters business objectives, helps define and refine what brand success looks like, and blends creative content with vital measurement tools.