Audiences live in a surround sound of content – all day, everyday

Digital & Integrated Communications

Audiences live in a surround sound of content – all day, everyday
In today’s modern media ecosystem, our expert platform fluency teams create ONE CONNECTED EXPERIENCE for audiences and brands to talk to each other.

MWW uses research & analytics to create an audience-first approach and leverages platform insights to build discoverable content

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Leverage MWW’s audience-first approach paired with multi-platform and AI insights to build discoverable content strategies.

Harnessing platform-dominated media requires a deep understanding of what’s driving editors and influencing algorithms. Our Platform Fluency Initiative is designed to live as an interactive curriculum on platform features and functions, story-telling trends and techniques, and how editors and influencers are using them to create and advance content.

The New Top Tier / We deliver impact and talkability by leveraging data and analytics from 1CX® to understand where our audiences are and where else they may want to go. We know what is critical to editors, influencers and the algorithm’s impact in today’s platform-first content discovery.

SUPERCHARGED STORYTELLING / We create stories and tap into media insiders and culture shaping influencers. This helps us deliver impactful brand content that can take brands to new places and spaces and is targeted and amplified through integrations and paid media.

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