Research & Data Strategies

Research and Data Strategies

We connect the right dots.

Understanding what audiences want, believe and feel about a product, industry or company is the foundational work we deliver to clients.

About the Service

Our team offers a lens on data that leads to powerful insights, measurable campaigns, and desired audience outcomes.


Data strategies begin and end with people.

MWW is stacked with the right team and tools to navigate modern media. From media and audience insights and platform data, to business intelligence and social listening, we offer clients actionable data. We also created The Z-SuiteTM; a diverse panel of students available for research and creative thinking in partnership with American University, and a MediaLab resource team in partnership with the University of Rhode Island.

Marketplace auditing across ecosystems.

We assess how a brand positions itself on owned channels, and it they are talked about and viewed by key audiences (media, investors, stakeholders, etc.). We also determine competitive and broader industry perceptions to identify areas of opportunity to differentiate.

How we measure up for clients.

We develop KPIs that map to objectives, establish benchmarks, and track communications impact and competitive performance to assess reputation and positive business outcomes.

Building audience profiles to unearth connections

We help clients understand target audiences’ mindset, behaviors, lifestyle and passion points and uncover motivations and barriers to a category or brand. We then unearth the most powerful connections - from communities, platforms and channels to messaging and stories that will resonate best with audiences.