Does business have a role in educating society?

Does business have a role in educating society?

Does business have a role in educating society?

Is education the answer?

MikeWorldWide shares the communications perspective at the first of many global conversations with industry thought leaders about the power education has to impact society.

In partnership with One Question, The Financial Times and PRovoke Media, MikeWorldWide is leading the conversation on the role business has in educating society through education. Through a series of public and private conversations, different individual and industry perspectives are invited into the conversation to discuss and debate the single question.

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At our inaugural London conversation in September, industry leaders from education, government, media, non-profits, marketing communications, and the arts joined us to discuss business’ role in educating society.

14 September 2022, London, England- Senior professionals from MikeWorldWide, Mirada, and Management Today Magazine led a Communications Perspective panel.

Here are just some of the themes that emerged during the full-day discussion:

The Education Perspective: Panel members included students, educators, and advocates for advancing better learning from The New School, Pupil Power, New Working Class and ESMA

  • The differences in educational opportunity for people based on geography, socioeconomic status, and wealth
  • How effective educational institutions are in preparing students to enter professional fields and contribute to society
  • Gaps in understanding among teachers, students, administrators, and businesses

The Communications Perspective: Panel members included senior communications professionals from MikeWorldWide, Mirada, and Management Today Magazine

  • How companies choose what public conversations they should join when it comes to social issues and policies
  • Depth of knowledge and investigation required for issues by those delivering communications
  • Senior communication professionals’ increased influence in business decision-making
  • Navigating the complexity of brand storytelling through constant news cycle pressure to comment and act

The Media Perspective; One Question Leader and The Financial Times

  • The relationship between trust, media, and new audiences
  • ‘The Media’ breaking down perceptions that all media is the same
  • The positive and negative effects of new platforms like Substack on journalism
  • The need for diverse voices in media

Regulation Perspective: One Question and leading author and barrister

  • How to raise social consciousness in policing
  • The power of community to impact positive choices
  • The impact of geography on advocacy for second chances

The Food Industry Perspective: One Question and the co-founder of Hawksmoor

  • Defining and maintaining a brand mission to do good and offer a great product
  • The cost of integrity to business
  • How one company’s values can raise standards across an entire category
  • Creating an employer brand

The Advertising Perspective: Featuring the Uncommon agency, S.M.I.L.E-ing Boys Project, and a former Metro Police Officer

  • Using creativity to communicate experiences of police mistrust and fear in underserved communities
  • Initiating conversations about balancing the exercise of legal authority and human understanding
  • Creating initiatives that poster real conversations in policing

The Artis Perspective; The Connor Brothers and The Campaign Against Living Miserably

  • Addressing and supporting mental health issues
  • The healing power of art and community
  • Creating art to invest in mental health support groups

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