Hiring the Right Firm for Financial Restructuring  

Hiring the Right Firm for Financial Restructuring  

Published on: September 28, 2023

Despite a seemingly improving economic landscape, many businesses continue to struggle with Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings rising over the past year. For companies considering a Chapter 11 filing or financial restructuring, a comprehensive and strategic communications plan along with the hands-on guidance of an experienced team is critical to success. Particularly at a time when your key audiences are looking for transparency, regular communication about what a filing means for them and, as importantly, what it doesn’t mean, is paramount. This is where MWW can help. 


  • We are one of the country’s most experienced practitioners of restructuring communications with a proven track record of success, possessing an intimate knowledge of the process of restructurings, turnarounds, and workouts for clients of all sizes across all sectors.  
  • Our team is comprised of legal, financial, and communications experts, all of whom have detailed knowledge of the United States bankruptcy code and intimate familiarity with the dynamics that impact any restructuring.  
  • We speak the language of all key audiences – attorneys, financial advisors, lenders, employees, customers, vendors/suppliers/factors, investors, public officials  
  • As a full-service agency, MWW can draw on the expertise of professionals from all of our practice areas as well as across industries from retail and hospitality to manufacturing and technology to healthcare, professional services, and beyond.  
  • Our financial communications experts have unequaled relationships with the investment community and financial media along with keen insights into private equity investors and financial markets.  
  • The firm’s industry leading digital media capabilities provide key insights and resources leveraging the dynamics of social media to monitor and impact online conversations. 


Our Approach 

  • Restructuring, whether in court or outside of chapter 11, is a complex endeavor where everything you say and do counts.  
  • Companies must win in the court of public opinion, even when they win in court.  
  • There must be consistent communication of substantive information because if you don’t tell your own story, someone else will.  
  • Key audiences must understand your plan to “fix-it” and believe in the management team’s ability to execute.  
  • Companies need to define benchmarks and success metrics – interim and long-term – and communicate progress and results. 
  • This requires a communications partner who understands not only the nuances of the bankruptcy process but how to communicate effectively and anticipate the needs of all constituents. 


The Game Plan 

  • MWW’s extensive experience and knowledgeable team can help craft the phased communications strategy and ensure the tactical implementation, that allows company leaders to ensure it is business as usual for internal and external audiences throughout the restructuring. 
  • We are with our clients every step of the way, ready for any contingency and knowing the importance of delivering the right message at the right time with the right vehicle.  



  • Strategy and communications planning  
  • Message development and positioning 
  • Creation of go-team and internal/external resources  
  • Preparation of communications materials – press release, letters/emails, scripts/FAQs  
  • Creation of website and social media content  
  • Close coordination with legal/financial advisors, management, HR, IR, PR  
  • Development of audience contact lists and outreach responsibilities  
  • Media/presentation training, media/social media policies for employees  



  • Dissemination of communications to all audiences  
  • Media outreach, interview coordination and monitoring  
  • Employee meetings – offices, facilities, shifts  
  • Day of calls — client/customer, vendor/supplier, community, government  
  • Call center/hotline activation – incoming client/customer and vendor/supplier 
  • Creation of feedback loops/message review with amendment, as needed 



  • Proactive communications with all audiences – press release, letters/emails, scripts/FAQs, meetings 
  • Establish/communicate benchmarks – first day orders, DIP financing  
  • Regular updates during restructuring process – court filings, financials  
  • Ongoing media relations – business as usual, spokesperson support  
  • Court hearing attendance – media management  
  • Employee communications – employee benefits, regular updates  
  • Communications strategy for plan of reorganization filing  



  • Communications strategy for all audiences 
  • Message development and positioning of go-forward strategy 
  • Coordinate emergence events – employees, customers, communities  
  • Brand re-launch/revitalization 


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