MWW Health Insights: Cigna and Humana Merger

MWW Health Insights: Cigna and Humana Merger

Published on: December 01, 2023
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The Wall Street Journal broke the news that health insurance giants Cigna and Humana are in talks to merge, which would create a powerful entity in the health-insurance industry. With Cigna’s market value of about $83 billion and Humana’s roughly $62 billion, joining forces would enable them to compete with industry leaders like UnitedHealth Group and CVS Health.


The potential merger between Cigna and Humana represents a strategic move to create a formidable player in the health insurance landscape, combining their strengths in commercial insurance, pharmacy benefits, and Medicare. The overall impact of the merger could create economies of scale that will lead to significant cost savings for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers, which could ultimately translate into lower premiums for consumers. It may also lead to enhanced innovation for healthcare delivery and treatment as well as expanded access to care through a broader network of healthcare providers.


On the other hand, less competition in the health insurance arena may have negative impacts. For example, it could give the merged company increased bargaining power over healthcare providers, leading to lower reimbursement rates.


One favorable aspect of this merger is the drive towards value-based care models in commercial insurance. As the Wall Street Journal notes, “Humana could also help Cigna accelerate a strategy that is core to the managed-care business, a move toward paying doctors and hospitals in ways that aren’t tied to the volume of service provided.”


If successful, the merger will signal a significant shift in the competitive dynamics of the health insurance industry. We’ll see a direct impact on providers and their healthcare delivery models, and ultimately, on consumers.


The MWW Health team will continue monitoring this and other major healthcare news, so stay tuned.


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