MWWPR Rebrands as MikeWorldWide, an Agency Built for the “CorpSumer-Driven” Post-COVID World

MWWPR Rebrands as MikeWorldWide, an Agency Built for the “CorpSumer-Driven” Post-COVID World

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Builds on 30+ Years as One of the World’s Leading Independent Agencies

April 6, 2021, NEW YORK u2013 Today, one of the world’s leading public relations firms introduces its brand evolution to MikeWorldWide, a modern manifestation of the firm’s history and its aspirations for the future.

The rebranding as MikeWorldWide answers the simplest and most frequently asked question, ‘what does MWW stand for?’ while celebrating its origination in one room with one employee into a leading independent agency with a global presence. It also serves as a tribute to its founder and current CEO, Michael Kempner, who has built the agency on passion and agility, challenging industry convention and always prioritizing cultural needs and client service.

‘Countless changes in technology and culture over the last three decades have drastically affected how we craft meaningful communications that impact the people and businesses we serve,’ said Kempner. ‘This past year of rolling crisis culture marked by disinformation, social injustice, and inequality has shown us the seismic shifts in what people care about, how they receive and process key messages, and the role communications must play in creating meaningful change. The rise of the CorpSumerTM, or values-based consumer, is clear evidence that caring is more than an emotion; it is the most valuable currency a company or a brand can use to reach its business goals.’

‘While the things people care about and those expressions have changed drastically, the fundamental human behavior is more prominent than ever, transcending personal beliefs to dictate business decisions, stakeholder behavior, and above all, compel action,’ Kempner added. ‘Caring is the most powerful emotion we have, and that power to drive action and change-be it purchasing, advocating, or engaging with employees and brands-is the ultimate measure of successful communications.’

MikeWorldWide brings together the values, insights, and experience that turn brands’ reasons to believe into stakeholders’ reasons to care and converts that caring into action. Creating reasons to care serves as both a brand promise and an internal rallying cry to deliver the agency’s client service ethos that has fueled its growth for over three decades. After a full year working in ‘virtual hallways,’ being more connected than ever, this philosophy also reflects the importance of fundamental personal and human connection in our business relationships.

‘MWW has worked for three decades to create an inclusive culture that values our employees as people and celebrates both individual and team accomplishments. From being one of the first firms to offer flexible scheduling and work from home policies to unlimited PTO, we recognize that inclusion, flexibility, and well-being are fundamental to the ability to deliver great client service,’ Kempner noted. He concluded, ‘when we care about our colleagues, that translates into teams that care deeply about their clients and work, resulting in industry-leading staff and client retention for the firm. We’ve explicitly centered our positioning around the concept of caring as an indicator that this is a top priority as we continue to grow.’

Through the acquisition of talent and agencies, the expansion of MWW’s footprint and offerings over the past several years has been intentionally focused on building the services and network necessary to reach its clients’ stakeholders in the modern world. The agency began investing heavily in digital services after its buyback from IPG in 2010, anticipating the shift to digital in its earliest stages, including the recent acquisitions of Search Interactions and Everywhere Agency, which added capabilities and depth in search and influencer marketing, respectively.


About MikeWorldWide

Thirty-four-years young, MWW is among the world’s leading independent, full-service PR agencies with talent hubs across the US and the UK. It prioritizes CorpSumerTM insights, cultural currency, and earned-worthy impact to create integrated programs that turn brands’ reasons to believe into audiences’ reasons to care. Because more than ever, Caring Counts.

MWW combines corporate reputation, consumer marketing, crisis & issues management, and public affairs expertise with dedicated strategy, analytics, DE&I, digital, and creative and content teams.

To learn more about MikeWorldWide, visit or follow us on social @MWW_PR.