Top Tech Journalists to Know: From AI to Fintech 

Top Tech Journalists to Know: From AI to Fintech 

Published on: November 21, 2023
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In the rapidly advancing world of technology, staying up to date on news and trends can be quite challengingAt MikeWorldWide, we’re committed to amplifying the voices of the industry’s leading experts whether you’re an entrepreneur, a tech aficionado, or simply someone seeking to stay informed, knowing who to follow can make a significant difference. 


Today, we’ll shine the spotlight on tech journalists who are making significant contributions across four high-growth sectors: artificial intelligence (AI), data science, cybersecurity, and fintech. Their insights, stories, and analyses are invaluable for comprehending the current and future trajectory of the tech landscape. 


  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Karen Hao, Senior AI Editor at MIT Technology Review – Karen dives deep into the societal and ethical implications of AI, making her pieces insightful and thought-provoking. 
    • Jack Clark, Formerly of OpenAI and co-author of the AI newsletter Import AI – Jack offers a blend of technical insight and industry knowledge, making his newsletter must-read. 
    • Tiernan Ray, Senior Contributing Writer, ZDNet; Advisor, Barron’s – Tiernan is always the first to cover trending topics. He’s the go-to guy for AI vendors and covers AI for ZDNet. 
    • Allie K. Miller, Fortune 500 AI Advisor and Angel Investor – A top artificial intelligence leader, advisor, and investor, Allie shares the latest in AI applications as well as implications of this rapidly escalating technology. 
  2. Data
    • Hilary Mason, Data Scientist in Residence at Accel and Founder of Fast Forward Labs – Hilary is a front-runner in data science innovation, regularly sharing insights on the evolving world of data. 
    • Derrick Harris, Writer at ARCHITECHT – Derrick breaks down complex data topics, including cloud and infrastructure, making them accessible for all. 
  1. Cybersecurity
    • Brian Krebs, Cybersecurity Investigator and Author of @KrebsOnSecurity – With a knack for uncovering major security breaches, Brian is a go-to for the latest on cybersecurity threats and investigations. 
    • Nicole Perlroth, Cybersecurity Reporter at The New York Times – Nicole’s features are deeply researched, offering readers a holistic view of the current cybersecurity landscape. 
    • Graham Cluley, Freelance Writer and Host of Smashing Security Podcast – Award winning and Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame inductee, Graham has been making waves in the cyber realm since the early 90s, demystifying computer security threats and providing expert analysis.  
    • Bruce Schneier, Freelance Writer, Owner of Schneier on Security – Bruce is an internationally renowned, security and technology published author as well as the special advisor to IBM Security. He is described by The Economist as the “Security Guru.” 
    • Andy Greenberg, Senior Writer at WIRED – An award-winning author with work deep diving into cybercrime, Andy covers hacking, cybersecurity, and surveillance at WIRED.  
  1. Fintech
    • Anna Irrera, Senior Editor, Crypto, Bloomberg News Anna consistently delivers on the latest fintech news, offering readers a global perspective on industry shifts. 
    • Nathaniel Popper, Author of ‘Digital Gold’ and Tech Reporter at The New York Times –Nathaniel’s in-depth reports on cryptocurrencies and fintech trends are insightful, making him a trusted voice in the sector. 
    • Matt Levine, Bloomberg Opinion Columnist Matt covers finance and business, and his newsletter, Money Stuff, is one of the most popular on Wall Street where his refreshing, call-it-like-he-sees-it, tone resonates with thousands of influential financial decision makers. 


It’s not just about covering a certain beat anymore. These days, journalists are more than just observers of industry.  Today, they are widely considered thought leaders in their respective fields whose pen pushes founders and technologists alike to build something different, disrupt the old way, and challenge the status quo. Their words not only inform but inspire, shaping the narrative and direction of industries. The insights they provide, backed by rigorous research and deep understanding, can set the tone for discussions at board meetings, startup brainstorming sessions, and even policy-making in government corridors. As a result, the modern journalist holds an influential position at the intersection of observation and innovation, turning the spotlight on transformative ideas and holding the powerful accountable. In this dynamic ecosystem, they don’t just report the news; they catalyze change. 


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