Wahl Appoints MWWPR to Celebrate 100 Years of Grooming Expertise

Wahl Appoints MWWPR to Celebrate 100 Years of Grooming Expertise

Wahl Appoints MWWPR to Celebrate 100 Years of Grooming Expertise

Cross-generational campaign aims to bring the brand narrative to life throughout 2019

LONDON, May 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Wahl, the category leader in professional and consumer grooming, has appointed MWWPR to drive a year-long campaign to mark the brand’s 100-year anniversary.

The campaign will bring Wahl’s story to life, celebrating the impact the brand has had on male grooming over the last century, and delving into the impressive history of innovation and design.

The campaign u2013 called ‘Man’s Best Friend’ u2013 will take two routes. The first will showcase how important hair and grooming is to a man’s life, exploring how grooming builds confidence and helps to create a lifelong psyche. The second will celebrate Wahl’s role in the changing face of male grooming, from the famous pompadour cut worn by the Teddy Boys in the 50s, through to the sleek fade of the noughties. Wahl has been at the centre of every grooming trend over the past century.

‘Since it launched the first electric hair clipper way back in 1919, Wahl has been at the forefront of male grooming and fashion,’ explained Gareth Davies, VP Digital Strategy, MWWPR. ‘It has helped shape some of the most important and impactful hair styles and trends that have not just informed men’s style, they have also informed male culture and male psychology. By leaning into the emotional drivers behind men’s haircuts we want to elevate the category in the minds of consumers to help Wahl cut through the noise and continue to stand out from the competition.’

‘We selected MWWPR to work on our anniversary campaign because the team totally understood the story and personality at the heart of our brand and how to best communicate that message to our customers, both old and new,’ explained Christopher Barleycorn, Marketing Manager, Wahl UK. ‘The clipper sits at the heart of the Wahl brand and was where the company started one hundred years ago. MWWPR really understood the important role it has played men’s lives over the last century and the role it can play over the next 100 years.’


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