5 Tips for Navigating Alcohol Marketing on Social Media

5 Tips for Navigating Alcohol Marketing on Social Media

5 Tips for Navigating Alcohol Marketing on Social Media

Alcohol marketing on social media has completely skyrocketed in the last few years. With Instagram taking the lead over other social platforms, alcohol brands have snapped, recorded, tagged, and reposted their way into our news feeds and stories. And it seems to be working-alcohol companies enjoy one of the highest social media engagement rates of any other industry.

But just because alcohol brands perform well on social media doesn’t mean it’s easy to break through the noise. The market is highly saturated, and competition is fierce. For alcohol brands to flourish on social media, they need highly engaging and creative content that also abides by current alcohol advertising rules and age restrictions.

Let’s look at a few top-notch social media strategies used to turn average consumers into full-on brand advocates.

Tips for Social Media Alcohol Marketing

Get Personal

You’re probably well aware of the power of storytelling in consumer marketing, but did you know that 71% of consumers say they would prefer to buy from brands that share their personal values?

Modern consumers vote with their dollars. Younger generations are highly vested in social causes, and they want to buy from brands who reflect their ideals. One MWW study found that 93% of consumers were likely to shop for holiday gifts from brands who share their values and take a stance on societal issues.

Giving back is not only the honorable thing to do-it can boost sales and increase brand loyalty. Research shows that when a brand leads with purpose, consumers are 72% more likely to be loyal to that business. Alcohol brands who showcase their devotion to a cause, whether it’s supporting the LGBTQ+ community or offsetting their carbon footprint, are in a better position to grow a dedicated social following.

Consumers also want to see the human side of their brands, from the heartwarming family stories to the nitty-gritty production process. Alcohol brands with the most social media success often produce highly relatable content.

Perfect the Marketing Mix

Alcohol marketing on social media isn’t just about stylized product photos and flashy graphics. Brand activations are a great way to diversify content and create a buzz around your beverage.

Brand activations are specific campaigns or events intended to elevate your brand and increase overall awareness. Branded alcohol activations can take on many forms, from pop-up bars and festival booths to tasting events and art installations-the possibilities are endless.

Brand activation is an obvious alcohol marketing technique as drinking is generally seen as a social activity, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the world of branded events. In-person activities have given way to virtual and distanced experiences, and alcohol brands must get creative. Clever alcohol companies have displayed their ingenuity by hosting distanced pairing pop-ups, creating COVID-friendly botanical tours, or even throwing outdoor dance parties-all terrific opportunities for earned media coverage.

Don’t pour all your alcohol marketing resources into one medium. Diversify your brand outreach with a mix of social media marketing and strategic PR.

Stay Active and Consistent

Think back to watching your favorite TV channel. The commercial break comes around and you see the same string of ads you’ve seen a million times-I bet you’ve even memorized some of the catchy ones.

Alcohol marketing on social media needs to be met with the same approach. Your brand needs to be active and consistent with posting. Even if you think you’re posting enough content, you’re probably not. Research suggests that leading alcohol brands on social media post at least six times per week. Both reach and engagement rates improve as your number of posts increases per week, so always aim higher.

To maximize your reach, couple your active posting schedule with a hashtag strategy. Hashtags are an easy way to get your brand seen without having to put in too much effort.

Bring It Home

Relating to the first tip, people connect with things close to home. This is why many global brands have multiple regional accounts-they want to show their audience they are seen and heard.

Dividing your media accounts by region not only allows you to adjust social media marketing to fit your audience’s needs, but it also gives you built-in segmented marketing demographics. Brands who do this well can customize content to incorporate local traditions, events, or people.

Get Creative

Finally, show off your team’s creative skills and have fun with it. Social media is more relaxed than the world of traditional advertising, so feel free to do something exciting. Just remember to stay within your legal guidelines as an alcohol advertiser.

Get More Out of Your Alcohol Marketing with MWW

The social media scene is a tough one to navigate, and the rules are constantly changing.

At MWW, we are digital natives and social creatures. Our data-led approach to digital communications and social media is at the very core of what we do. It bolsters business objectives, helps define and refine what brand success looks like, and blends creative content with vital measurement tools.

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